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Access the archives from our "Memory Parlors" - where we connect fragmented narratives under the protection and shelter of beauty. Click on the relevant image below to "enter the forest" of each Parlor, which include the video archives and other resources from each parlor.

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What is a "Memory Parlor"?

It was in a "Suffrage Parlor" in Washington D.C. in 1886 when Adelaide Johnson, at the suggestion of a friend, first decided to sculpt Susan B. Anthony. A "Memory Parlor" is a nod to the earlier “Suffrage Parlors” and to the recognition that we need spaces to cultivate our understanding of morally relevant history.

Our Memory Parlors are inspired by the Lyceum Movements of the 19th Century, in both the U.S. and Europe. These adult education movements allowed for "social intercourse and the exchange of intellectual products."

The Cora di Brazz
à Foundation organized our first Memory Parlor in 2021 at Art Reach of Mid-Michigan. We organized a "Pop Up" Memory Parlor in Washington D.C., in March 2022. For more information about each, click on the relevant image above.

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The 2021 and 2021 Memory Parlors are part of the Forward Into Light initiative of the Cora di Brazzà Foundation.